One Piece Movies

September 5, 2009

Hey guys;), today I decided that I’ll watch the One Piece Movies which were already aired^^. Well…cuz today was my imoutos b-day, and I played alot of stepmania as well I could only finish 4 Movies (and 4 on-goings ep.^^), so I can only tell u bout them;).

Okaaaay, as many of u may know…the ACTUAL anime hast TONS of fillers and crap ep., but imo AWESOME fights, but well…that depends on your own taste…the movies…hmm, I have to say I kinda lied every movie, just imagine one piece without 20 epi before and after every big fight….and what u get is an one piece movie:D.
The actual fights were pretty nice, though I didn’t like the art of the first movie (okay…but I already watched the first movie YESTERDAY^^), but from movie 2 onwards the art is pretty nice, and u can see the rising quality as well;). The story of every movie is pretty simple, I won’t tell u bout it cuz I don’t think there’s a need to, u’ll figure it out yourself pretty fast;), if u ask me, THAT’s how the actual anime should be…it’s not too hard to think up many new “bad boys”…and if u leave the filler ep. (like in the movies), I think One Piece could be WAY better:D:D, okay…that’s just my opinion, I don’t want to insult anyone.

Anyway, if u like the style and fights of One Piece I can RLY recommend the movies, u’ll surely like them!!:D

The lil otaku who’s looking for a Gum-Gum Fruit^^


Otaku cube 2.0 [3rd try]

September 3, 2009

Okay guys…holy shit!!!, today…is a BAD day…first of all, I delete my finished post….yeah…pls don’t ask me how I managed to do that (okay…if u want to know then ask me:P^^), and then, during the time I REWROTE my post….I got a bluescreen…happy life:D:D:D, okaay, I wanted to give up…but I can’t…I’ll write this post today….at all costs >.<^^, so let’s start:P^^

As some of u may know, I created the otaku cube quite some time ago…furthermore,last weekend there’s been an anime-related convention in vienna (probably the only decent one xD^^), and OFC I bought a lot (yeah…I’m a debt-ridden man… wasn’t that bad…bout 280 euros is quite least imao^^), and the result is, that I modified my otaku cube…now it’s faster, it’s bigger (not rly xD)…to make it short…it’s better!!!:D:D:D:D, and now I want to show it to u;)

Let’s start with my new ceiling, to be honest there’re no big changes, I just added some code geass pics at the top and 2 shana pics at the bottom;)

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September 2, 2009

Hey guys…if there’s still anybody out there who’s willing to read my blog xD^^. Today….I just thought…”HOLY SHIT!, I’ve got a blog…but I’m way no lazy to blog sth….what a waste”….and as I continued to think bout it….I decided that I should start to blog again…this time for real^^, maybe not bout EVERY on-going I watch (that would be way too hard…35 to 37 on-goings…I would srsly DIE!!!), but well…just sth like a daily report would be nice…wouldn’t it?!^^

Okaaay, a new time for my blog (after an almost eternal break xD)..that means I’ll probably come up with a new design as well…but not today…well…maybe today…who knows. Anyway, I hope u’ll like my blog v 2.0^^, and pls give me alot of feedback;).

(yeah, from now on I’m gonna sign my posts^^)

The crazy person behind your door;)

Winter Season

January 12, 2009

Well…though I should write sth bout the winter-season… then let’s start^^

Out of this shows…I decided to skip many…cuz they just doesn’t seem promising…
Till know I only watched Kurokami, Asu no Yunichi, Druaga no To: Sword of Uruk, Shikabane Hime 2, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Sora o Kakeru Shoujo, aaaand…that’s it:P
I plan to watch Vipers Creed as well as Koukaku no Regios and I hold great expectations for these shows.^^
I watch the second season from Druaga no To as well as Shikabane Hime just out of tradition and they aren’t TAT amazing.
Asu no Yunichi is just a “normal” ecchi show..THOUGH there is no random male lead…he’s a different kind of man than usually…and that may be interesting!
Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou is just a GREAT disappointment, boring like hell…no real story–>drop and Sora o Kakeru Shoujo is no real difference^^.
Out of these anime Kurokami seems to be the best one (till now) and I have to say I RLY like it, somehow deep yet not toooooo complex…rly nice story on top of that…till know I’m COMPLETELY satisfied with this show^^.
Well…imo the fall season was ages better, well…nothing I can do bout it…still…some shows aren’t too bad, so we’ll see how they’ll turn out;)

November 19, 2008

Sry, my dear readers (if there are any^^), too much to do for school (still) BUT I found some time to write a post, and I’ll start with one of my fav shows, the second season from Clannad (I already posted bout the first ep.^^).
Then… let’s continue where I stopped… ep. 2, Sunohara NEEDED a girlfriend^^ (because of Mei, she was like… u should be more responsible and things like that^^…), and so he went to lookg for one (ofc with Tomoya and Nagisa^^), and after he was raped my tomoyo and KYOUUUU (banzaiiii), his new girlfriend (only pretending ofc!) was… sanae (u know…sunohara still believed, she was nagisa’s sister^^).

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Lulu vs. Yagami

November 13, 2008

Well, you know, I REALLY WANT TO POST, but due to school and things like that I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME (watch hardly anime:O:O),well… now I found the time to write sth, and cuz I discussed sth with my friends at school (sth interesting^^) I would like to post it here^^, the topic: LULU vs. YAGAMIIIII^^…

I believe you all know our anti-heroes, Lelouch (Code Geass) and Yagami Light (Death Note).. well, I don’t believe there’s ANYBODY out there who don’t know their names^^…

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Otaku Cube

November 1, 2008

Before I’ll start with my anime-related-post, I just have to write bout something nice, my room AKA “THE otaku cube”. You go into this room as normal human, BUT you come out as something else, something stronger, as OTAKU^^, now just some pics^^…
First of all let’s start with my “Clannad Wall of Fame”^^

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Taihen desu

November 1, 2008

TAIHEN desu, how long has it been since my last post…can’t remember, 2 maybe even 3 weeks. Sry, you know… school and things like that, I haven’t had much time, but I think now I’ll start posting again (Clannad, ef and soooo many other shows which are IMPORTANT!!!!;P)
Cuz I don’t have screenshots yet, I’ll just post 2 of my drawings (4Seilo003,sry netlog is just…^^)

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D. Gray-Man 103 [END]

October 9, 2008

Sry that there wasn’t a post these past few days… but you know the reason^^.
Well… I suppose all of you know about the tons of new On-Goings, and maybe some of you are wondering, why there aren’t any posts about them… it’s just… you see how lazy I’m now^^ so there’s no way there’ll be a post to every On-Going at the right time^^, so I’ll just write bout the ones which I like the most, but if there are any request for a special show, just write a comment and I’ll post bout this show^^, but now let’s start with D- Gray-man 103, the last ep.

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Clannad After Story 1

October 6, 2008

:O:O Did I ever mention that I’m a MONSTER-CLANNAD-FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv this show!!! and now… SECOND SEASON BANZAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Erm… let’s finish with my crazy-fanboy stuff and continue with the actual story.The topic is… a baseball-match with the neighbouring shopping district, and Akio recruited Tomoya and the others^^.After some trouble in the beginning (well… Tomoyo didn’t want in the first place and things like that) they manages to get an entire team and the match was able to beginn, with Akio as the first pitcher;).
Akio’s balls are as hard as ever, and the victim is… did you expect anything else^^ SUNOHARA^^

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