Tokimeki Memorial – Only Love

August 6, 2008

Today I started to watch Tokimeki Memroial – Only Live (currently watched ep. 12). My opinion: amazing. I really like romantic anime (besides Slice of Life my favourite Genre) and this one is fascinating. Comedy/Romance, the perfect amount from both of them. Maybe it’ll be even better than Clannad which is kinda similar but let’s wait for the ending..
In the 12th ep. there was something really interesting, “Belldandy”^^. Now I know what Belldandy’ll do if Keiichi is dead:

This isn’t a joke. This crazy person’ got the same voice actress and the clothes are somehow similar, on top of that she’s able to heal Riku’s injury and she says that she’s a goddess…^^(even though she’s pretty clumsy and different from Belldandy, some points of her character are similar xD).
But without doubt, the best character of this anime’s … (*drum roll*): This little fellow

He’s amazingly funny and I ask myself, why the hell’s Riku able to understand him, this isn’t a fairy tale anime^^ but ‘kay, I’ll overlook this fact because hiyoku’s the best character in this anime (xD,xD).
I think I’ll finish this anime by tomorrow –> let’s see what’ll come and hope the end is pretty good. Maybe some new facts about the mystery of Belldandy’s future or the fact that Riku’s able to understand hiyoku will be solved, but the best thing’ll be that hiyoku’s mysterious language is SUBBED, but I think, that’ll never happen…^^.

Yeah, today I finished the anime “Bravo Girls” as well, ‘cuz a friend of mine (at anime-planet, maybe you know that page) recommended it to me. I think it wasn’t that bad, it was actually pretty funny

, but unfortunately sensless, ‘cuz there’s no real story. But ‘cuz it’s only 11 ep. long (the first season), it was pretty enjoyable so I think I’ll watch the second season as well. The fun scenes were pretty amazing but the ending was kinda unsatisfying (was there a real “end”) but let’s hope that the second season’ll bring more story and a appropriate ending, but I can recommend this anime to every one who’ll watch an “easy” show which doesn’ get boring, but if you look for a good story, this anime’ll probably not be able to satisfy you.


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