Strike Witches 5

August 7, 2008

The first thing I was curious about, the title of the ep: Swift, Gigantic, and Soft… interesting…^^
Then, right after (or before^^), the next mystery: What kind of dream was that?!?!?! Isn’t she a bit too young for that kind of dreams…

Yeah, the ep. wasn’t that bead, even though there’s been some better ones, but I enjoyed it. It really surprised me, that Shirley’s fighter was able to fly after Lucchini “worked” on it^^. At the end I even knew the mystery behind this weird title… $), but in general I hope that in the future ep. there’ll be more story, hmm but it seems that firt all characters and their past are introduced, but after that… Well, up until know it isn’t boring so there’s no problem xD. The best thing would be an explanation for the fact, that nearly every girl wears only her panties (even on the street etc.), that’s the realy mystery behind the anime.


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