Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love finished

August 7, 2008

Now I’ve done it, I’ve watched Tokimeki Memorial. As I thought after the first ep. a rellay amazing anime, I was more than satisfied. The fun as well as the romantic scenes were even better than the ones from the first ep.
For example the ep. about the culture festival. How desperate was this class to ask yagen sensei for help? The result

was, what a surprise, an extremely exaggerated version of the original tent (20 metres long –> 200 metres long…^^).
If you hear the the project “Haunted House” what do you expect. Probably ghosts and other monsters but not this “Yellow-devil”^^.

But now the most important part of the anime, the end. On the one hand I like it, but one the other hand, hmm… Amamya’s confession was to be expected, a very succesfull end,

but then there was the fact that Riku’s transferred… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!^^
If you ask me, it would’ve been much better, if Riku wouldn’t have transferred:'(
This anime was that amazing that the end is somehow disappointing but nevertheless this is one of the best anime I’ve watched in a while. After the last ep. there was a trailer for “El Cazador de la Bruja”, mabe I’ll watch this anime soon…

PS: Tokimeki Memorial – Only Love is added to the anime-download pages –> if you’re interested…^^


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