Seto no Hayanome

August 8, 2008

Today I started to watch Seto no Hayanome. At the beginning I was a but curious about the plot, but it worked out to be fine.

The first ep. made me worry ‘cuz I thought if it would continue the same way the entire anime, then it’ll get boring 4 sure, but fortunately, that wasn’t the matter. Slowly a development in the story took place and it really made me enjoy the ep. until now (=ep.15). The only thing which I didn’t like was the “forced” wedding between Lunar and Nagasumi, it really made me go “upset” that he didn’t refused right from the start, but fortunately things worked out. I think it’s not that great of a revolution for the anime-industry, but really nice to watch. The fun scenes were really amazing only the development is a bit slow but maybe this fact’ll change, I still haven’t watched all ep. If you’re looking for an amazingly funny show which you can enjoy easily, without thinking too much, I can really recommend “Seto no Hayanome”.


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