Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo Episode 5

August 8, 2008

Two days before my holidays god blessed me with a new Zero no Tsukaima ep. (even though it should be aired next tuesday… Lucky one^^.
My judgment about the entire ep., unfortunately it’s pretty sensless ‘cuz at the end nothing was resolved… neverthless I really enjoyed it (maybe ‘cuz I’m a big ZNT fan…^^). To be honest, I hope that in the future ep. there’ll be more story like in old ones (Season 1/2).
But this ep. made me wonder about some things:
Are breasts a requirement to be Louise’s friend…

Furthermore the fact that Louise’s breasts are “normal” ones, I think Tiffa’s as well as Louise’s areout of norm… but everyone has his own opinion about this topic xD.

But judging from the preview the development of the story won’t continue in the next ep., let’s hope for the contrary.


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