August 9, 2008

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be afk ‘cuz I’m at holidays for two weeks (until Aug. 24th). I don’t know wheter there’s a possibilitie that I’ll have I-net or not, so maybe my next post’ll be in two weeks. Fortunately I’m equipped with a mountain of anime, so even without I-net, I’ll be able to watch my show’s (thanks to about 2 months preparation…^^).

‘Cuz I’ve started anime like Shuffle! (currently ep. 5) School Rumble (ep.2) and some other shows, I’ll have got quite something to write about when I’m back even though I’ll most of the time do some sports (the only 2 weeks of the year when I’m not watching that much anime^^). But if god’s not forsaken me and I’ve got I-net, then …^^


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