Seto no Hanayome finished

August 9, 2008

The last day before my holidays I finished Seto no Hanayome. Recently I seem to have enormous luck in choosing anime, ‘cuz Seto no Hanayome was another amazing masterpiece (‘kay there are more amazing ones…^^ but it was good). The last ep. were even better than the first ones and I’ve got some new experiences from this show.
For example the meaning of the word “moe” was a bit different from my knowledge

and my theory that galges are an important part of japanese culture was confirmed as well (even though I haven’t played any, but if there are some ones in english or another language I can understand, I’m sure I would play them *hehehehehehhe*).

Furthermore there were some changes in the relationships between the characters
but in the end everything was resolved and there was my preferred “Happy end”. In addition the “end-fight” was pretty amazing, I really enjoyed it xD. Now to my conclusion: I can definitely recommend this anime to anyone expect you don’t like unrealistic jokes or jokes in general (my image of such a person:

creeeeeeeeeeepy^^). You’ll defenitely enjoy it and even if you don’t like the story (it’s kinda unique so not everybody’ll like it…) it’s pretty enjoyable to watch so I really recommend you to check this show out.


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