Higurashi Season 2 Part2

August 11, 2008

😥 I’m not able to download the new On-Goings…
But ‘cuz of that, I’m watching (and ouf course enjoying^^) Higurashi season 2 :O:O.

Today I watched 5 ep. (Yeah, the most of the day I sepnd hiking with my family in the mountains of “Vorarlberg”) and they were really amazing again. Today more of the secrets around Hinamizawa were resolved (maybe ALL mysterys were solved…^^ but I’m only at ep. 10) and it was very interesting to find out this facts, even though there wasn’t the known amount of excitement.
The only fact I somehow dislike is, that rika’s “dark-side”‘s got most of the screentime

‘cuz I like the “cute” rika much more. Hmm, now I’ve to say, that one pretty interesting point of this anime is, that most of the characters’s got “two-characters”, a good (nice) one and a bad (crazy, extremely violent etc.^^) one which I really like (especially rena, whose character’s are both EXTREME) let’s lokk forward to the end, ‘cuz I really can’t predict what’ll happen (of course the “ever-repeating Hinamizawa”‘ll stop and some of all character expect Rena’ll die (like she said), but HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!^^… but for now, I’ve to accept the fact that I can’t watch any On-Goings for two weeks *SHOOOOOOOOOCK*^^


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