Higurasho no Naku Koro ni Kai finished

August 13, 2008

Now I’ve done it and finished the secon season of Higurashi!
Even though the first season was more bloody (hmm actually I don’t like bloody anime…^^) and exciting, but the secon one was really interesting. All the mysterys of season one were uncovered and even though I didn’t expect this kind of end, it was still kinda appropriate. But the secon season contained this well-known, exciting scenes, as well

so the original Higurashi-character wasn’t changed. In short, the first season impressed me a bit more, but the secon one is necessary to “complete” this anime so I recommend to watch both of them. Even though it’s sometimes kinda confusing, in the end you’ll understand all of it and it’s not like Higurashi is a typical “bloody-anime”, ‘cuz this one contains funny scenes as well (to be honest quite much^^).

The only thing which disappointed me a bit, was the fact that they dind’t fight with their weappons in the final battle, ‘cuz I really like Rena’s Machete as well as Keiichi’s bat (even though the Machete much more than the bat^^) but still, I enjoyed this “battle” even without their wappons. In short, I think every anime-fan should watch this show, ‘cuz it’s really amazing but if you’re completely against violenece (…) then I think you shouldn’t watch it (but is there really someone, who is that much against bloody-scenes…^^).


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