Code Geass R2 17

August 15, 2008

To anybody who’s now wondering, Code Geass 17, this ep. was released quite some will ago (about 2 weeks^^), I wasn’t in the right mood to watch CG, but now… (unfortunately I can’t download the new ones :'(…). Now to the ep itself…
It was really intersting, even though you heard many important informations in the last ep. this one’s got quite some development of the story. The fight aroung Area 11 was really something (Excalibur etc. will Xinge be able to defeat him…??) as well as “the Vampire of Britannian” (but I’m sure he’ll be taken down in the next few ep. this crazy bastard’s using his allies to attack the enemies^^…).
On top of that the meeting with Suzaku, but I don’t really understand, why Lelouch admitted everything, ‘cuz I think there are many things he isn’t at fault (for example the thing with Shirley, he’s had nothing to to with this incident…).

Unfortunately there wasn’t much screentime for C.C ‘cuz I’m currently really interested in her story (what’ll happen to her…) but how can someone be so happy about a plaster…

I’m, really looking forward to the next ep. (hmm, the next two until I’ll be home again…).


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