Shuffle! finished

August 17, 2008

Sorry that there was no post yesterday, but I bought a new digital mirror reflex camera (Canon EOS 400D) and you know, men and their toys… –> I didn’t watch any anime (:O:O, but the camera is amazing…). Today I’ve finished Shuffle! and I really enjoyed it. I like romantic anime by nature, and this one was really something. In the beginning there were the typical “introduction” ep. and a date with every girl… the classics. There were some romantic/drama scenes as well as fun ones and they were really well matched. The different character of every person was really intersting and (naturally) you can guess which girl Rin’ll take. But I was really surprised that is was Asa

that was really somemthing I’ve never expected… but in the end they were a really nice couple.
Even the end was able to satisfy me, although I would’ve prefered that the final ep. would’ve ended after Asa saved Rin and they would’ve cutted the second half of the ep., but nevermind.
Furthermore I was really amazed that I was able to predict Rin’s move to make Asa use magic (the moment I saw the cutter, it came to me like it’s God’s will^^).

The fun scenes were pretty well made as well, even though if you like romantic/fun anime I would recommend Clannad, Kanon 06 or something like this in the frist place, but Shuffle!’s defentitely a good show which you should watch if you like this Genre.
In the last eps. there even happend some things which reminded me of Higurashi

:O:O, Kaede’s scary look^^.
Well, if you don’t like romantic anime, this isn’t a show which can satisfy you, but if you actually like them, it’s an anime which you’ll like 4sure.


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