Myself, Yourself

August 18, 2008

Today I started Myself, Yourself, well a normal (classic) romantic story. There are fun/drama and of course romantic parts, well exact what you expect from an anime like this.

The characters are pretty nice, but I think there are the “classic” ones from romantic anime.

Nevertheless this anime’s short, so I think it won’t be boring and even though most of it’s the classic romantic love story, there are some “new” parts. For example I really enjoy the past of every character (if you ask me, there are more sad storys about there past than “usual” but that don’t mean it’s something bad…^^). Up until now (ep. 9) I really enjoyed it, and if the end isn’t that bad, I’m sure that this’ll be a very good anime.

I think that it should be no problem for me, to finish this show tomorrow –> the final judgment’ll be (most likely) tomorrow…


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