Myself, Yourself finished

August 19, 2008

Hmm, after I’ve watched this show the Genre “Romantic” might be a bit off so I’ve had false expectations, but nevermind. In short it was a enjoyable, but pretty “normal” show. Something unexpected or a sudden change hardly happened. I couldn’t really find a core behind the story, but still, it wasn’t that bad of an anime. Unfortunately the end wasn’t really clear, well you could guess what happened, but I would’ve liked a clear end (liek a confession or something like this, well like I’ve said the romantic genre mit be a bit off…).

In short I recommend this anime to everyone who’s looking for a easy show to watch without having to follow a complicated story but there should be some emptional moments, some dramatic scenes and in the end all should be happy.
But after this show I realized my talent of beeing able to predict suicide attemptions (in the future as well as in the past^^).


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