REC finished

August 19, 2008

After a friend from anime-planet recommended this show to me (and I’ve had my eye on this anime for quite some time…) I decided to watch it right away. Well, it wasn’t that bad and the description “short-love-story” is correct too, but if you ask me it was way too normal. The story was quite interesting but the actual show was a bit boring. If you ask me, most of the time nothing significant happend (only the development of Aka’s carreer) but at least i was able to see the core as love-story. The ending was kinda obvious (what else could’ve happened) so I can’t say it was a surprise.

I can’t really recommend that anime to you, ‘cuz even though every ep. was only 12 min. long, it got boring quite often. If you want to watch a short love story I woul rather recommend Final Approach which’S got the same ep. time like rec but is much more funny and a short love-story as well.


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