August 21, 2008

Sry that there wasn’t a post yesterday, by the time I stopped watching anime, I was just too tired^^ (time flies by hehe). As you can guess from the title I’m currently watchin Trigun a well known old-school-anime (at least I think so^^). In the beginning it was a bit boring, ‘cuz Vash didn’t really fight. If he was in a pinch, he escaped without hurting anyone in a funny way and after some time this really pissed me of.

But after about 4 ep. (I don’t know exactly how much), he started to get serious and this show got really better. Now it’s pretty interesting to watch. Even though you don’t know anything important about Vash’s past yet, with a bit imagination you can guess something (and hope it’s true^^). You saw that Vash’S also got a “dark side”

you see that the 60,000,000,000$$ bounty isn’t a joke. Up until know I’ve really enjoyed it, expcept the fact that there was a REAL filler-ep. (ep. 13:'(), well but nevertheless it’s not that bad^^, I’m kinda interested in the end, ‘cuz I can’t think of something appropriate (well, maybe Vash’ll kill “him”^^).


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