Ikki Tousen: Great Gurdians 05-08

August 22, 2008

If you’re asking yourself now: “These ep. were released quite some time ago, why’s this dumbass watching them NOW??”, well I wasn’t in the right ecchi-mood.
The ep. itself, well waht do you expect, echiness more than anything else, but still show’s like this are needed, ‘cuz they are that simle, that you realy don’t have to think while watching.
The first few ep. (5-7) were really senseless (better said storyless), but at least pretty funny, and to be honest the fight’s are pretty cool and the music’s really nice too.

The last ep. showed a bit progress of the story and was the first one on which the next one’s can build on. Gentoku, well, the possessed Gentoku, was a interesting idea to show what can be done with powers like this^^.

Let’s hope that there’ll be more story in the future ep., but well, what do you expect from ikki tousen, after all it’s a real ecchi-show^^.


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