Macross Frontier 14-17

August 23, 2008

Right after Ikki Tousen I’ve watched the missing Macross F ep. The last ones were a bit boring and I think there wasn’t as much process as I hoped, but this ep. were really good.
That the fights of this show are REALLY amazing, I think that’s fact, at least for, but the story developed quite much in this 4 ep. as well.

Fist they win the fight against the Vajira, well Alto was like a “monster” and destroyed at least the half of their force^^, no just joking but well, with reaction-warheads the Vajira are no longer a danger. The love-fight about Alto continued as well and to be honest, I don’t think that he’ll decide on one girl, but at least it’s a funny development beside the actual story.

The music was really appropriate as well (of course^^) and I really enjoyed it. That Ranka’s singing’ll be able to stop the Vajira, well something like this was to be expected, but in the future there’ll be some problems with Sheryl 4 sure (yeah,yeah a womend jealousy^^).
The last fight of ep. 17 revealed something terrible too, the Vajira are invincible against their weapons after some time…:O:O but well, knives are knives and like Ozma said, if needed he’ll fight with his fingernails^^. But one question wasn’t answered, what is this Fold quartz (hmm, I don’t know if I missed the explantation, but I don’t think so^^). At least this show is fascinating again and I’m really looking forward to the next ep. (Tomorrow I’ll be home and the my otaku-spirit’ll blaze and I’ll download the missing On-Goings like there’s no tomorow^^)


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