Nijuu-Mensou no Musume 12&13

August 23, 2008

Another 2 On-Going ep. which I watched just now, but don’t worry except Sekirei (which I’ve watched too^^) this is the end of “old-ongoings”. Well, the moment I thought Chiko was going to die, Twenty Faces was back, and of course saved her but received quite a injury, but nevermind, 2,3,4 injurys are nothing for him, after all he’s Twenty Faces^^. It really surpirsed me that Ken’s so friendly with him right after their reunion, ‘cuz in the recent ep. he seemed to’ve got quite a grudge against him, but without any explantation, Ken’s doing his ordered mission (well, he failed but that doesn’t matter^^).

Ep. 13 discovered some fact about the mysterious white WOMEN and in the end she died, if you ask me, that was the right thing for her to do^^ (got to hell) and then with countless injurys Twenty Faces’s leaving Chiko behind again and the search for him’ll start again, at least we they can be sure that he’s alive^^.

In the beginning this show was quite good, but now I think it’s only riddiculos how things turn out and to be honest I don’t think it’ll get better.


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