Sekirei 5&6

August 23, 2008

Haha, the last On-Goings which I prepaired for my holidays 2 ep. Sekirei. Even though it’s basically an ecchi-anime, I’m quite surprised that this show’S got a story, and on top of that a quite good one (if you ask me). Two ep. two new Sekirei, if you ask me a good value^^. Well Matsu doesn’t seem like a “fighting-sekirei” to me

but Tsukiumi, as number nine’s making up for her^^.

But now the real fight’s starting so I’m expecting quite much, ‘cuz the fights are pretty cool^^.
Even if this show doesn’t getter better, the fact that I’m this is an ecchi-anime (well I now some shows which are more ecchi) with a actual STORY can’t change^^.


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