Code Geass R2 18-20

August 26, 2008

After ep. 17 I was reall looking forward to the new ones, and expect ep. 20 they were really good. Because of the Geass which Lelouch put on Suzaku, he’s had to fire FLEIA

(Well, you’re the only one equipped with it…)
, ‘cuz Kallen, which returned with her pimped Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.

to the Battlefield and after she destroyed the unit from “The Vampire of Britannia” she beat Suzaku to pulp, more that that, she stripped his Lancelot to it’s fullest (hehe, and this incident showed that Kallen is much more superior to the Knights of the Round^^). Right after that Lelouch’s falling into despair (this word’ll be many times more in this post…), ‘cuz he think Nunally’s dead (well it’s CG–> everything’s possible–>there’s a chance that Nunally’s alive…)

and he’s releasing all his feelings at Rolo (serves him right, that little bastard…).
Well, Lelouch isn’t the only one who’s in despair. Suzaku who feels responsible at first (later he’s blaming Nina)

as well as Nina

are in despair too (at first she’s extremely eager about using FLEIA and than that…).
During a meeting between the “Black-Knights” and Schneizel (Zero isn’t participating ‘cuz he’s really down) all of Zero’s underlings are learing about Geass as well as Zero’s true indentity and they are planning to hand Zero over (in exchange they are getting Area 11 back).

(a pretty realistic one…).
Well, Kallen’s the only one who’s standing at his side and right before Zero was killed, Rolo’s saving him and using his Geass many times over a wide range –> he died for the sake of Zero in who he belived to the end.

Then Zero’s planning to stop his father, at least, and Suzaku’s planning a coup d’etat with Schneizel in order to become the Knight of one, but in front of the Emperor he gets attacked by the Knight of one.
Then Lelouch, without his mask’s appearing

(maybe a bit too flashy…)
and is sealing himself with his father in this weird programm (maybe I should say that the Emperor wanted to activate a antic weapon).
Ahh, and C.C. is becoming her old self too (because of the Knight of 6 who’s actually Marianne…).
Except the last ep. (the thing with C.C. etc.) which was a bit ridiculous I really enjoyed the new ep.
Now I’m really curious about what’s goign to happen now (well, I hope Kallen’s getting some screentime…^^) ‘cuz Lelouch achieved his goal?


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