D. Gray-man 96&97

August 26, 2008

Haha, we’re finally learning who’s the 14th, he’s an abandon Noah. Well, Allen’s being watched all the time, but he seems to take it lightly

but this isn’t the important thing about this ep.
First we learn a bit about Lenalee’s past (:O:O) and the *shock* the HQ’s beeing infiltraded by the Noah and MAAAANY Level 3 in order to regain the plant.

At first Allen’s got slight problems to enter the zone of the battle ‘cuz it was sealed off, as he enters (together with bookman) he’s fighting like he’s never injured…^^ (well, if you ask me, bookman’s way too strong, some time ago his “Heaven Compass” wasn’t even able to hurt ONE level 3, but nevermind).

Lenalee and Lavi are “imprisoned” in Krory’s room ‘cuz there Innocence isn’t ready yet, and YEAH, how could I forget it, there’s a chance that Lenalee’s Innocence evolved into a parasitic-type:O:O–> her Onii-san’s quite afraid… In short these two ep. showed quite some progress in the story and FINALLY the mystery of the 14th was resolved (at least a bit, MANA’s involve 4 sure…) and they were really good


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