Ikki Tousen: Great Gurdians 9-11

August 26, 2008

Well, slowly this anime’s showing story, like season 2. To be honest there weren’t that many ecchi parts in this ep. and the story progressed quite well (at least in comparison to the recent ep.).
More and more people are getting obsessed with Saji Genpou (the real one) and his real objectives as well as his past are discovered. Then Ryou’s getting kidnapped and of course Hakufu, which was freed from the control of Saji right before by Chuubou, is going to safe her. In addition we learn that Chuubou’s actually not the sister of Hakufu, but the destined wife of Koukin, and in the end she’s saying that there’s a more suitable wife for him (she’s referring to Hakufu…why!!!, Koukin and Chuubou would be a great couple, but let’s wait til the end…).

Well, the three of them are heading towards Ryou and the “false” Saji’s revealing his true indentiy

and fighting against Fu-chin (I reall like that nikname).
Now Hakufu and Chuubou (Koukin got engaged in another fight) are heading towards Ryou to save her, but in the meantime the real Saji Genpou achieved her true goals and got obsessed with the dragon in Ryou’s body… If I’m right there should be two more ep. and to be honest, I hope that this show develops more in the direction it is now (less ecchi, more story) but either way, the fights as well as the music’s pretty cool.


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