Macross Frontier 18-20

August 26, 2008

This ep., as well as the recent ones like I wrote last time, really fascinated me again. Even though the realtionship between Alto & Sheryl/Ranka’s going to get quite complicated, which girl is Alto’s choice (is there even one)?
After the the announcement of the jump, a mass-panic’s breaking out and a sellout’s taking place

and the result’s an emergency call^^.

The Ranka’s deciding herself to help the fighters with her voice (of course successfull^^) and the “Ranka-Mobile”

is entering the battlefield.
Sheryl’s in despair (well, she heard that she’s going to do…) but after Alto’s help she get a hold of herself and’s singing for the people in despair, the exact opposite as Ranka, the songtress of hope^^.
But after Ranka discovers that Sheryl and Alto are hugging themselves
(all a biiiiig missunderstanding…) she’s in despair too (:O:O) and her singing’s only making the Vajira, which have entered the ship ‘cuz there was a lair onboard (Ai = Ranka’s pet) more aggressive.

In the middle of the fight (they fought there way to S.M.S. base…) Michael’s dying during his attempt to save Klan (which confessed to him).
In his last moments he realized his feelings and confessed to her as well. Right after he’s drifting off into space during a hole in the ship which emerged from the fight. Even though I’d rather like the depressive-scenes of Ranka/Sheryl to be cut out, the last ep. really fascinated me like the first ones. I’m really curious about the ending and who Alto’ll decide on… so I’m looking forward to the next ep. as well…


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