Naruto Shippuuden 71&72

August 26, 2008

Like I said at my last Naruto post, this show’s finally starting to get better again.

As to be expected Naruto was able to save Sora, who left the village to explore the world. ‘Cuz the village’s destroyed, Tsunade’s beeing blamed (well, that was to be expected…) and thus she’S drowning herself in work.

Then the actualy story’s continuing again, Akatsuki after the Jinchuuriki (currently after the 2-tailed-one), there are only 4 left.
In the meantime Naruto’s recovering, well with Sakura’s short temper that’s quite a problem^^

(more killing him with an apple…).
To be honest I think Naruto’ll get a lot better now, Naruto’ll continue’s training and I think they are after Sasuke again…^^ (*looking forward…*)


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