Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 5-7

August 26, 2008

Now on to one of the most recent On-Goings Haruka no Himitsu. Before the long awaited Summer Cokmiket ep., a new transfer student, as well as “love-rival” for Haruka’s appearing, Shiina

a nearly “perfect” girls, so it may seem, but she can’t swim :O:O. No problem Haruka and Yuuto are teaching her, well there were some little interruptions

but all turns out fine.
The the wonderul Summer-Comiket ep., yatta!!
At first they don’t get the meaning of summer comiket at all

(yeah, no time to be all romantic, buy,buy,buy^^), well at least one person doesn’t take it lightly

and after some problems Haruka got the book she wanted and everything was alright, at least for the moment…

(Well said…)
She gets discovered by her father who’s runing all her anime goods :'(:'( –> Haruka’s running away from home and’s staying at…. (who would’ve guessed) Yuuto’s.

(Yeah, now’s the right moment for this kind of thing…)
but unfortunately she get’s discovered, but after a long hard fight

and the help of Haruka’s mother as well as Yuuto, things work out and her hobby’s accepted.
Personally I liked ep. 7 the most^^, but even though this show only consist of fillers I really like it, an easy anime to realy with some shana-parts^^, let’s look forward to the next ep.


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