Sekirei 7&8

August 26, 2008

Now the “game”‘s going to start and some Sekirei are disappearing. We learn of Uzume’s circumstandes as well as her “side-job”, well it seems like she’s forced to do so…

Furthermore, Minato’s getting close to Tsukiumi, well, at least he’s seeing her “true-self”^^ and she’s going to open herself more to him.
A unknown Sekirei who’s violating the rules of a fight between Sekirei’s appearing and now Tsukiumi and Musubi are challenging her (and even Kuu’s fightin-spirit’s blazing^^)

Well, this ep. were as enjoyable as the other ones, but it seems that Minato’s getting more Sekirei (6) and I think it would be better to first wing them, and the start the fight, but nevermind, this show’s quite good up until now.


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