World Destruction 5-7

August 26, 2008

Now, let’s continue with WD.
Toppi’s meeting his old friend which turns out to be the “Band of the Bears”^^,

well they vowed each other to become hero’s, but fortunately Toppi’s showing him the right way again.
Right after we learn once more, how fearful Morte is really.

Even Toppi, a hero’s shaking in fear the moment he heard from the rip in Morte’s skirt.
And as to be expected, at the critical moment to decide who are the WDC fakes, her skirt’s getting ripped and Morte’s true character’s showing, ~scary.
Then they visit a orphanage in the desert where they learn how people can change, and if you ask me, Kirie’s beginning to show fighting spirit…^^
and the group’s growing more together again.
If you ask me, this show which contains of fillers (well, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing) is a really nice anime to watch without worrying too much about a complicated story and the jokes are pretty nice too…

(You are crying for a teddy…)


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