Da Capo finished

August 27, 2008

Here’s my final post on Da Capo, but this time I’ll try to spoil as little as possible (that’s going to be a though one…^^).
Then let’s start with the character, at first Jyunichi, the male main-character (and a non-completed-mage^^)

who really reminds me of Yuichi/Kanon06, a kind hearted, but still determined.
Then there’s his imouto (well of course not blood releated–> ultimate galge chara but shock, one of the extra ep. really reminded me of one…) Remu

a very brutal girl (well there are many similar character for example my favourite one:Kyou/Clannad) but as you may not think in the beginning, she can be kinda cute too

but this sight is pretty rare (^^). She’s got an amazing ability, the possibilite of switching between “Dark-mode” and “Normal-mode” (well, but I don’t think it’s that scary…^^).
The next character is Sakura (or Sakuranbo), a girl which return into her hometown after 6 years in America and, what a surprise, she hasn’t grown one bit in six years. Her character may seem cute, but (at least I think so) she’s kinda forceful as well as jealous

and to be honest I don’t really liked her.
The character I liked the most is Miharu (well, the roboter-version, even though that’s my first spoiler, I have to say this…), well she’s kind, funny and if you ask me way more cute than Sakura…

but unfortunately… (‘kay here I’ll stop the spoiler, WATCH IT^^)
Next there are the Mizukoshi siblings Mako,

her character’s kinda similar to Remu’s but if you ask me, she’s a bit more brutal than her… and Moe.

her character’s veeeery slow (like Osaka/Azumanga Daioh) but she’s cute in her own way…
Then there’s Yoriko (who’s actually a cat-next and last spoiler…^^),
who’s really shy but deep inside she only wants her dream to be fulfilled.
Now we’re coming to an end with the char. introductions, the last one’s Jyunichi’s best friend Suginami,

a sharp poet and if you aske me he’s a really important part of this show, well he’s the most reasonable one…
If you liked Clannad or Kanon06 I’m sure you’ll like this show too, for everybody who doesn’t know this shows, Da Capo’s a romantic, Slice of Life anime with some Comedy/Drama and if you ask me a really good end–> everybody who likes this genre should check this show out, you won’t regret it.


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