Itazura na Kiss 18-20

August 27, 2008

Sorry, but after I wrote so many posts yesterday I was sick of it and now I’ll continure were I stopped…
Itazura na Kiss and Iries’s jealousy.

It was kinda obvious that Keita’s got a crush on Kotoko–> a love rival for Irie and ‘cuz he’s atm really cold towards his wife, Keita’s got a good chance to get her, but in the end, well that was obvious (but if you ask me ridiculous, “I need you more than him” and all’s finished…”)

they got all “lovey-dovey” again.
After that (that was to be expected too, but nevermind) he was cold towars Kotoko again, but she’s still loving him…
Well, the next step was the capping-ceremony and the first time Irie really showed his “daring” side since their honeymoon and a big disgrace for all men at earth, no in the universe…

(We men’ll abandon you and your strange fantasies, but well if you want to be a girl, thats another thing but then you shall make use of plastic surgery…). In the end (4 years later) wee see, that Kotoko doesn’t change over the years, neither does Irie… but to be honest they shall end this show soon…


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