True Love Story OAV

August 27, 2008

Well, maybe you’ve already figured out, that I really like romantic/Slice of Life anime, and this show was, well enjoyable. The drawing-style’s kinda unique (I didn’t really like it) and if you ask me, the story developed was too fast (even for an 3 ep. OVA-anime) and I would’ve wished that the development of the relationship between the main-char. woul’ve been show more than the unnecessary realtion with other character… well, if you ignore this facts it wasn’t that bad, one of the good points of this show was, that the end was really good.

Well, even if you like romantic anime, I would rather recommend other show’s to you, but if you’ve got nothing to watch check it out, you may like it (well, everyone’s got different tastes) and because it’s only three ep. there’ll little time wasted it you don’t.


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