D. Gray-man 98

August 28, 2008

After the last ep. (and the new style of Allen) I expected quite much of this one, something I forgot to write last time (which really made me upset) is the fact, that Bookman’s that strong (as strong as Allen), ‘cuz some time before his “Heaven Compass” wasn’t even able to kill one L3…
After bookman was, well, in quite a pinch I hoped he was done for, but unfortunately it seems he’s still alive…
Once more we saw, that Allen’s too kind-hearted and easy to distract, but the really cool part about this ep. was the appearance of the captain’s.
First there’s “Sokaro-sama” (just Sokaro sounds a bit boring^^) and his Innocence’s really amazing, well he’s a bit loose up there but nevermind, as long as he does his job properly^^

Expect the other captain’s, which we already knew, there was one more, Cloud, and to be honest, her Innocence’s the most amazing one I’ve seen up until know. This little “Monkey” :O:O, his fighting style’s amazing, just like a beast…

In short this ep. was really enjoyable, at least the fights, ‘cuz there wasn’t much progress of the story…


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