Da Capo II && II Season II

August 31, 2008

I thought that it would be appropriate to post about this 2 seasons (the story’s taking place 53 after season one) in one post, ‘cuz the story countinues and the characters are the same too–>let’s start with the introductions
First there’s the main character Yoshiyuki Sakurai, in short, he’s the same character as Jyunichi from season 1, lazy but dependable and kind.

Next there’s Koko which becomes Sakurai’s girlfriend in Da Capo II ep. 1, she’s really shy and well, I don’t really know if there are more appropriate words to describe her character…, well she’s a member of the light-music-club

Then there are Yoshiyuki’s best friends Wataru

a funny guy who’s part of the light-music-club
and Suginami, well he’s (if you ask me) the same as in season 1, regarding his character look here.
Then there are Koko’s best friends Anzu,

she’s a silent and shy girl who’s lost her parents but’s got an amazing memory due to the sakura tree and akane,

a pretty active and outgoing girl.
Then there’s Nanakase,

the school’s idol and the singer of the light music-club as well as a good friend of Koko and it seems that she likes Sakurai too.
Next there are Yoshiyukis sister, even though they are not blood-related, Otome

the school-council-president and a really reliable and caring person, but she tends to overwork herself and Yume

an kinda agressive person, who can’t express her feelings very well, but is kinda popular with the boys.
The last person’s Minatsu, the “descendant” of Miharu from season one (a robot too)

and she’s pretty agressive but after some time she opens herself to others and’s get many good friends.
:O:O I almost forgot, that there’s one more person, the class-representative Sawari, well she’s more like an often appearing side-charater.

At first she hate robots such as Minatsu, but after some time she understands, that there are different kinds of robots and her charater is, hmmmm…, unimpressive and in addition there’s Sakura from season 1 regarding her information look here.
Now to the story, to be honest I liked season II (and II season 2) better than the first one and the end really impressed me. The story was a bit better too and ‘cuz both seasons were kinda short, there were no fillers at all!!!

The only thing I didn’t like about the end, was the fact that Koko and Yoshiyuki didn’t get together again… :'(, Why did she have to break up in the first place

If you liked season 1, I’m sure you’ll get addicted to the following seasons 2!!!!!, I really recommend it to you!!


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