Ikki Tousen: Great Gurdians 12 [END]

August 31, 2008

After 12 ep. (like usual) this ecchi-show’s finished, and if I look back, this was the worst Ikki Tousen season ever, really!! Normally, there’s ecchi as well as really cool fights, but season 3… there was much more ecchi than usual, but the fights…
Next, for the last ep. it’s really lame, the fights as well as the rest^^ (for example the last fight in season 2 was really amazing and season 1 was pretty good too), if you ask me, Ikki Tousen’s now only a senseless ecchi-show without any fights, well the music’s good…
The idea of Saji Genpu beeing possessed by Ryou’s freakin dragon was pretty nice and I expected a nice fight with Hakufu, but in the end nothing happened!!!!!!!! 😥

Next was the fight between the possessed Ryou

and Fu-chin, which turned out to be Fu-chin’s last one and to be honest this was the best fight of the last ep. After that senseless apologies and a happy-end for everybody…
After all I’m pretty down, ‘cuz I expected at least some cool fights and something like this and if you ask me, it was pretty useless for me to watch this show and I REALLY don’t recommend it to anyone…


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