Macross Frontier 21

August 31, 2008

Wow, this ep. was really amazing, this progress, this emotions, truly amazing.
First Klan’s anger against the Vajira (as well as the affliction for Michel)

which cause her to go “berserk”, but after all her “little-form” is much cuter
But really, I didn’t expect Luca to go crazy over somethin like the injuries of Nanase, well he love her but I though that he was reasonable^^

but then he told Alto about this crazy plan, but after all it turned out fine, ‘cuz emo-Ranka approved of her part^^.
After the fight’s over we see that Ai-kun’s grown up, now he’s a (well, WHAT exactly’s this) BIG Ai-kun

and at the end, the big shock. Ranka’s “abandoning” Alto for the sake of “saving” Ai-kun, well I heard a phrase, which I’ve never heard before

(PAST TENSE), well if you ask me she’s now really crazy but now I’m really curious what’ll happen next…


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