World Destruction 8

August 31, 2008

Sorry that there was no post the past few days, but by the time I thought I should stop watching, it was already that late that I went to bed^^. Well, let’s start with the recent World Destruction ep.
Even though there were already better ones, it wasn’t that bad and on top of that some interesting informations.
At first we were able to admire true “pro-work”, while trying to disarm the bomb.

The result was “Kyrie’s act as hero”

but in the end he was saved by the TRUE hero, Toppi

(truly admirable, without embarrassment, but after all he’s a teddy^^).
After that Kyrie’s inventior-spirit was blazing, but well, his ideas were kinda unqiue and not everyone approved of them
Well, in the end a little romance/one-sided love was staring, let’s see what’ll happen in this crazy realtionship…
In short this ep. was enjoyable as well as informative , but there were better ones, and what’ll be next time…


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