August 31, 2008

Yesterday I’ve watched the 2 ep. OVA Yotsunoha. In the beginning I was really insecure (TWO-ep.!!!!)
but it turned out amazingly good^^.
The let’s start with the character introductions…
First there’s Nono, a kind yet shy young girl (LOLICON!!!^^) and if you ask me, she’s kinda the main character^^.

Then there’s the only male in the group, makoto. Well, he’s kind as well as a bit hentai and he doesn’t know when to keep quite, but a nice person.

Next’s Yuzuki, a clumsy, yet (unexpectedly) reliable and she’s called Yuzuki-nee by her friends.

The last one’s Matsuri, who’s kinda conceited and can’t express her feelings very well, but deep inside she’s really kind and a “real-girl”.

This show was really amazing, a must-watch for every fan of this genre (Romantic/Comedy). The story’s pretty nice and the end’s really unexpected, yet really good. To be honest I wish for more ep. of this anime, but even the existing 2 are enough to tell the entire story, even though I’m a bit curious about what happened after the second one…


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