Code Geass R2 21

September 1, 2008

:O:O, I heard that some people didn’t like this ep. but to be honest it was quite good, well the end was really unexpected and I’m curious what’ll happen now…
First of all we heard the TURE story about Mariannes “death”, V.V was the actual murderer

but fortunately Marianne (who’s gone mad too if you ask me) used her Geass and transferred into another body:O:O. And you know, the Emperors true objectives were to protect Nunally and Lelouch^^.
The next amazing thing was … Lelouch’s DOUBLE GEASS!!!!!

Well, Nina’s finally done it and changed completely to the dark side of the emo’s.
As to be expected of Kallen, she hasn’t forsaken Lelouch yet!!!!
After Lelouch (with the help of Suzaku) killed the Emperor (he has done it!!!!!^^), ‘cuz he didn’t liked his “perfect” plan (well, this plan was a bit too perfect^^), there was the bigges surprise of this entire season, Lelouch is the 99th Emperor!!!!

and who’s helping him, SUZAKU *SHOOOOOOOOOOCK*, it seems that the two of them came to an understanding, they were friends to begin with…
But in the end, I was really curious about Schneizel.

Was this actually his plan, and if that’s true, what are his intentions!!!???!!!??? Well, let’s wait for the next ep. ‘cuz I can’t think of something for the next few ep…, the story’s over (but if I think about it, Kallen still has some stuff to settle with Zero/Lelouch and then there’s the thing with C.C…), well I expect quite much of the next ep. and hope that it doesn’t get boring, still this ep. was really enjoyable.


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