Kodome no Jikan finished

September 1, 2008

After I accidently found some pictures of this show, I got interested and started to watch. Well, this anime was nice, but there were some really annoying part’s and I was missing a realy story (it was more like a lolicon show).
Then let’s start with the characters:
First there’s Aoki-sensei, a new teacher who’s got no guts and’s got NO self-confidence at all thus he’s being pushed around by his students.

Then there’s Rin, a really outgoing girl who knows way too much for her age and likes to push around Aoki-sensei (and she’s saying that she loves him…).

One of her friend’s Kuro-chan, a really agressive girl who hates Aoki-sensei and is (supposedly) in love with Rin.

Her other friend’s Mimi, a really shy girls who’s pretty well developed for her age and’s actually kinda intelligent.

The last person (more or less an active side-character) is Houin-sensei who’s in love with Aoki-sensei but can’t get in touch with him…

The show itself was pretty funny and enjoyable, yet senseless. There was no real ending, well, what kind of ending would be appropriate… For a 12 ep. show it was kinda nice and if you’re looking for something easy to watch (no real story to think about, only a few names etc.) I can recommend this anime to you, but otherwise it’s nothing you have to watch…


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