Monochrome Factor 11

September 1, 2008

After ages of waiting, a new Monochrome Factor ep. was released (well, I’ve somehow lost my interest in this show ‘cuz it take loads of time until a new ones is available).
Well, like the last ep. the fights were pretty lame and the story didn’t progressed that much.
First of all Kurogane’s collapsing (due to overwork)

After Aya/Kengo are abducted by Nanaya Kurogane’s talking Akira to a pulp (you are USELESS, you can’t do ANYTHING, well, in a nicer way^^) and of course, Akira’s fired up and tried to save his friends by himself, of course this action was futile and in the end he’s saved my Kurogane who’s collapsing again and beeing abducted to the Shaddow world, where Nanaya’s planning to kill him.

Now it’s emo-Akira’s duty to regain his self-confidence and devote himself completely to his fight in order to save Kurogane, but as you can see in the preview, he’ll able to do it. Well, even though this ep. was quite lame, I’m expecting much more of the next one:O:O and hope that this show’ll get better, ‘cuz I think that this story’s got some potential…


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