Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 8

September 1, 2008

Even though this ep. was quite enjoyable, there were better ones (for example the last ep.).
First of all, Nogizaka-sensei’s starting with a lesson for her interested pupils,

but unfortunately, the teachings are too complex for them, so she’s aiming for more mature pupils.
After long investigations she found an appropriate victim for her evil techings

(:O:O what are these mysterious sounds…)

(in the end it was nothing serious)
and together with her #1 student, she’s thinking of an evil plan to abduct Yuuto as her new pupil.

:O:O After the long education of Yuuto, Nogizaka-sensei can’t control herself and we can see the improper relationship between student and sensei :$:$

and after all it seems that she likes Yuuto too (THINK ABOUT YOUR SISTER!!!).
Even though I hoped for more progress in the relationship between Haruka and Yuuto (that was Mika’s goal for the entire ep.^^) this ep. was, like I said, not really bad, but let’s hope for more progress in the future ep.


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