To LoveRu 22

September 1, 2008

After some of the recent ep. were really good (in terms of story development) I was really looking forward to this one, but unfortunately my hopes were smashed^^.
Well, it’s not like this ep. wasn’t enjoyable, really, but there was no progress again:'(.
First of all, this ep.’s starting with the inventive idea of an animal-caffee

as well as the desperate search for an job by “Golden Darkness”

Like usual Lala’s pretty outgoing and in the end every girl of the class’s beeing involved.
Golden Darkness was able to find a job after all, even though it was nothin related to assassination

and we were able to look at the line-up of every “bunny-girl” from the class.

As to be expected, the animal-caffee was pretty popular and even Lala learned the MEANING of the culture festival, but like I said there was no progress of the story/relationships. To be honest I hope that Rito’ll confess to Haruna, since she like him too, but beside my HOPE I think that in the end nothing’ll be solved and they’ll stay as they are:'( (Oh NOOOOOO, I’m really hoping for a CLEAR end!!!)


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