Zero no Tsukaima: Princes no Rondo 9

September 2, 2008

:O:O this ep. really surprised me, ‘cuz even though there wasn’t much action/fights, it was really good in terms of story developing (exactly what I was waiting for), well, in the beginning it was funny though.

(No, they aren’t allowed, but this isn’t the end^^).

Then the long awaited NEW characte showed up

but unfortunately it turned out, that it was only Tabitha’s familiar, I expected more of this character, but well, I’ll deal with it (hmm, even if I don’t there’s nothing I can do^^).
After Saito learned about Tabitha’s fate, he wanted to save her right away, but WHY exactly did he go to Henrietta, I don’t think he honestly believed that there was a chance she’ll let him go.
Even after he returned his cloak, she didn’t change her decision (well, it is a CLOAK, he’s still a knight, even if he doesn’t have his “symbol”), even worse, they were arrested.

Then there was the surprising part, Louise’s returned her cloak too, either because of friendship/gratitude to Tabitha or because of Saito, she did it, and that was SHOOOOOCKING^^ (her pride as noble etc.),

even Saito couln’t believe it…

As to be expexted their friends helped them to escape and in the following ep. they’ll try to save Tabitha (of course ,Henrietta’s pretty DOWNNNNNNN^^, but serves her right…). In short, this ep. contained everything I was waiting for (well, it wasn’t perfect ‘cuz I was missing some action like I said before, but still…) and now I’m really looking forward to the future ep., well, this show is slowly ending (I think about 3/4 ep. more…)


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