D. Gray-Man 99

September 6, 2008

‘Kay, my addiction to the Fate Stay Night Visual Novel calmed down and I’ve found time to post somethin again, let’s start with the recent D.Gray-man ep.
It was quite nice, even though there were some parts I really don’t understand/like (like is more accurate).
First of all, why are 3 Generel’s not able to stop ONE Noah (it’s not like she was the strongest, if you ask me, ridiculous…).
The next thing, but well this is a fact for about 4 ep., why is Allen that weak!! I think he reached the “level of a general”, that means he should be as strong as the other ones (or at least in their league…) but he’s really extremely weak and then, sometimes, he’s much stronger thatn usual… but I think that’s a given for a shounen-anime.
Now to the good parts, first of all, my favourite Innocence (my NEW one) is even more amazing that I thought,

is there anyone out there, who don’t like this style?!?!^^.
Then we learned, that even Cross’s got at least one special move and it was kinda cool…

but well, something’s missing to make his Innocence perfekt, I don’t know what…

(of course, can’t you see the resemblance…)
Rather at the end of the ep. there was a shocking event

followed by really crazy laughter and then the title of the next ep. LV4… really something to look forward to.
In short this ep. was not that bad, but there were some ridiculous parts, int the end it got exciting again and there’s really good material for the next ep…


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