Naruto Shippuuden 74

September 6, 2008

Naruto continued his training (but the wrong person’ exhausted^^)

and in the meantime Akatuski’s on their move…
Sakura made special soldier pills for Naruto, that he’ll be able to maintain his endurance during training, but well, they don’t taste the way they should (at least I think so…^^)

Surprisingly, Naruto managed to split the waterfall in this ep., I though it’ll take at least one more ep. until he’ll be able to do it.
At the end some teams were dispatched to find and eliminate (well, the priority is to capture them, but if they aren’t able to, KILLLLLL^^) Akatsuki, which’ll be the main topic of the next ep.
Even though there’s not much to say, well, there weren’t that many events, I really enjoyed this ep. and like I thought, Naruto’s getting better… let’s hope that it’ll be that way at least until ep. 100 (yeah, I think always in a positiv way…^^).


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