Nijuu-Mensou no Musume 15

September 6, 2008

After the really unsatisfying end of the last ep., this one was a mere filler, as to be expected…
First of all, Tome’s secret hobby during her school time was discovered

and the pure young maiden’s sitting there are really shocked^^.
Then there was the issue about the mission to secure the pills, which resulted in and assault directed at Chiko.
As to be expected of Koito, she didn’t learn from her past actions and tried to interfere with Chiko, who’s doing quite well in the meantime…

In the middle of Chiko’s fierce fight (the best one in quite a while…), the “Detektive girls/women” showed up,

and after some slight problems with the brakes and Sexual harrassment of Tome, which resulted in some pretty brutal punches, even Akine showed his “heroic” spirit

and in the end he was making the right decision. Hmm, I don’t really got absorbed in this show to begin with, it was just something easy to watch and the ep. are going back to how they were before, even though there were some really good ones, well, let’s hope for better ones, even though I don’t expect them…


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