Sekirei 10

September 6, 2008

I think, there’s not much to say about this ep., it was kinda boring and senseless. The story was only about the “Escape-plan” and well, Tsukiumi got a bit jealous/worried (hmm, I don’t really know what excatly this feeling was…^^)

but well, if she doesn’t want to fight, then Minato won’t get worried about her, this is my opinion.
Then there was one amazing thing, we were able to see the Landlady’s “true” strenght (or at least more than usual).

(:O:O, this shot was kinda hard ‘cuz the red eyes only showed up for less than a second…)
In terms of story development, there was nothing, BUTTTTTTTTT… after I’ve watched the preview I got really excited. Originally I’m hooked on romantic/Slice of Life anime and what I heard, really got me all fired up. It seems that Musubi’s on the verge of beeing defeated (YEAHHHH, the drama effect I was waiting for, but I hope she doesn’t get defeated or at least she’s going to get back to Minato, but she’s his first Sekirei–> there’s no way she would die… at least I hope so^^). The conclusion: even though this ep. was boring, it was worth watching ‘cuz there’s a really good base for the next ep. …
Ahh, one last thing:

I think that was at least a bit moe… the first time I could experience this in Sekirei…
AND, the landlady’s almighty



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