Bleach Movie II – The Diamond Dust Rebellion

September 7, 2008

Even though the actual anime’s currently kinda bad, I was really looking forward to the movie, and to be honest, I was right, it was pretty good and much better than the last one…
This time, the main character was Toshirou… and the story revolved about one of this dead-believed friend as well as the King’s Seal, a tool with extremely much power.
First of all, this seal was stolen and ‘cuz it was the duty of the 10th Squad to prevent it, Toshirou was fighting against the culprit, who was his old friend. ‘Cuz he got away Toshirou vanished as well in order to stop him, but in the previous fight he was badly injured. After the captain of the 10th Squad vanished, he’s suspected to be the culprit and the Shinigami are pursuing him but after he injured them in order to complete his “mission” he’s believed to be the culprit even more.

(:O:O Toshirou’s “other” side, he fought desperately)
As to be expected Ichigo got in contact with him and learned about the entire story, but unfortunately Toshirou got away and Ichigo’s tried to find him as well as understand his objective together with Rukia.

(as conceited as ever, does she know, that Ichigo can kick her ass whenever he wants^^)
Well, in the end Tochirou’s old friend Kusaka was able to use the power of the King’s seal

in Soul Societey where he engaged in battle with alle the Shigami short after, Kenpachi’s the first one to take him on^^.
Surprisingly he got “defeated” quite fast, well, after about 10 minutes he’s back on the stage, as crazy as ever.

Even Ikkaku had to use his Bankai ‘cuz this was one of the most powerful enemies ever (so it seems^^).

In the end Ichigo defeated this crazy bastard with his amazing hollow-mask (how long has it been since I last saw this…),

but to be honest that was quite unsatisfying, ‘cuz in the beginning Kusaka seemed to be amazingly strong and in the end he was defeated by ONE attack… well except this fact the movie was quite good.
Ahh, there’s something I should add, Toshirou and Kusaka were friends at the Academy and Äcuz they had both the same Zanpaktou, and that’s against the law, they had to fight each other to determind who’ll wield it–> Kusaka was defeated and got killed but NOT by Toshirou…


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