Strike Witched 9&10

September 7, 2008

:O:O Today I discovered something amazing, I don’t know why, but it seems I didn’t found this 2 ep., fortunately I discovered them today…
I was expecting some cool stuff at the beginning, ‘cuz like I wrote in the post about ep. 8, the end really surprised me, but in the end Minna hasn’t got the guts to do it^^ and this situation was solved without any injuries^^.
First of all, Barkhorn was able to see her imouto who awaked from her coma and there was a happy reunion for both of them.

Then there was another amazing fact, EVEN THE NURSE was wearing ONLY her pantsu…

what brings me back to the elementary question of this show… WHY ONLY UNDERWEAR… but nevermind^^.
As we could see in the recent ep., Miyafuji improved quite much and this countinued in this ep. was well–> Perinne got jealous and challenged her to a duel,
but they were interrupted my a Neoroi attack, Miyafuji took action against her orders and we learned that Sakamoto’s magical energy’s decreasing ‘cuz she’s too old to be a witch (that was the reason why her shield broke down last ep.) and the result was, that Sakamoto got badly injured. (Well, in the end she was safed by Miyafuji…)

Such actions can’t be unpunished and she got room arrest for 10 days.
But during the previous fight she felt something strange from the Neoroi, which didn’t attack her and she was wondering, if there’s really a need to fight. In order to “learn the truth” she escaped and even turned Lynne’s proposal of accompanying her down, which resulted in a really old-fashined lover-like goodbye.^^

Miyafuji’s escape wasn’t unnoticed (of course) and there was a frightening order issued…

But this fact’s beeing “ignored” when they arrived at the “Neoroi-lair”

and after a long battle and the arrival of a “fighter-like” weapon which turned out to be the latest model from the Air-force, and in the end she’s captured and excorted back to the base, where the Captain of the Air-force’s already waiting for them…

And that’s it, a really interesting end which made me looking forward to the next ep. really much…:O:O:O:O. Ep. 9 wasn’t that good, but on the contrary ep. 10 was pretty nice and enjoyable and there was some progress in the story as well.


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