Code Geass R2 22

September 8, 2008

Sugoi!!, this ep., though it was completely different from the usual CG-story, was pretty amazing. First of all, we see how much power can change people, in this matter Lelouch whoe even ignored Rivalz…

Well, now to the actual story (Lelouch’s gone completely crazy but well, this is a part of his person –> nevermind^^): Lelouch attended negotiations about the Britannia joing the “Nation’s” but in truth it was only his plan to DOMINATE TO WORLD, but we expect nothing less from him^^.
Suzaki’s fighting against the Knight’s of the Rounds, who doesn’t acknowledge Emperor Lulu, but with his modified Lancelot and his new position as the KNIGHT OF ZERO

(hmm, maybe a bit conceited)
even the Knight of One with his Geass (he can see into the future) is no match for him^^.

In the meantime Nina’s targeted by many countries and protected by her friends.

(What do you expect if you create a crazy mass-destruction weapon^^)
And then, the momen I was waiting for:

turned out to be a goodbye-kiss :'(:'( and only some moments later Kallen’s mood changed right away^^.

In the end Lelouch gained Control over the Nation’s but then… Schneizel’s introducing to Lelouch the “actual Emperor” ‘cuz he doesn’t acknowledge him and it was: (:O:O I really knew she can’t be dead and right before her appearing I knew it was her^^) NUNALLY!!!!!!!!… This turn of events is really amazing and currently I like CG more than any other On-Going but still, I’m REALLY curious about the end…


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